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Alternative Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Working Committee


In 2017, the Miskolc Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences established its “Alternative Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Working Committee”.

The new professional workshop, established within the framework of the Committee on Political Science and Law, aims to meet international, European and EU expectations by focusing on international developments in the field of law.

The jurisprudence of the 21th century brought more and more issues to its attention, which not only transcends the borders of individual fields of law, but also the boundaries of law itself, and examines a given topic in an interdisciplinary and complex way.

This is the situation in the field of conflict management and dispute resolution, which unquestionably has a very serious legal background as a decision-making and litigation diverting technique. 

Both the relevant units of the University of Miskolc and its Faculty of Law can provide the new working committee with the appropriate personal background and scientific theoretical basis, the members of which welcome experts dedicated to the topic

Many professors of the Faculty of Law have done detailed researches in this topic (e.g. criminal mediation, restorative justice, conflict management), while others work in practice in pre-litigation consultations, collective bargaining in collective labor disputes, the Hungarian Trade and Industry as an arbitrator of the Arbitration Court organized next to the Hungarian Trade and Industry or the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, as a conciliator of the Conciliation Board operating next to the BAZ County Chamber of Commerce and Industry or as a mediator.

in 2007, the Faculty of Law began to develop a postgraduate training program. From 2008, the accredited postgraduate training course “General and Judicial Mediator (Mediator)” has been started. In addition to the training and education activities, successful implementation of numerous domestic and international conferences and projects, several publications and research activities accompany the work of the Faculty.

Since 2011, these activities have been supported by the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Alternative Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution (AKIK) of the Faculty of Law of Miskolc. 

With the help of the new working committee, the inclusion of alternative conflict management and dispute resolution in the citadel of Hungarian science expresses our conviction, that this is an independent scientific field, and the scientifically demanding cultivation of which in the 21st century is not only justified, but also unavoidable.