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The aim of the journal is to publish scientific studies in the field of alternative conflict management and dispute resolution, as well as to provide adequate answers to practical questions and problems raised by practitioners, and therefore to link theory, practice and various disciplines both domestically and internationally. The journal aims to address the current issues of arbitration and conciliation as well as other institutionalized (e.g. court mediation) or non-institutionalized (e.g. family group conferences set up in the framework of aftercare) conflict management options.

The journal was founded as part of the Ministry of Justice programme aiming to raise the standard of law education.


Call for publication

The Editorial Board of the European Review for Alternative Conflict Solution and Dispute-Resolution is looking forward to studies to be published in the next issue.
Deadline for submission of studies: 30th September 2021.
The requirements and information for the peer-reviewed studies in the journal are summarized by the following guideline for authors.